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Decking & Wood Cleaning

Over the last 10 years decking has become one of the most popular additions to many gardens in the Oxfordshire area. Its popularity has been stimulated in recent years, by television presenters who can give an untidy garden area a 'makeover' in the short amount of time they have to make a programme about it.

The people who make the shows do not advertise the fact that decking and wood needs just as much upkeep as any traditional garden. The wood can soon become a breeding ground for green algae in any type of damp conditions, especially shaded areas. This can make the wood extremely slippery to walk on and great care should be taken under these conditions.

Driveway Cleaning Oxfordshire have carried out many projects to clean wood and other decked areas in gardens over the years. We are confident that the equipment we have will clean any type of decking without marking the surface in any way. After cleaning the wood, a coating with a high quality decking oil will help to keep it in good condition.

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