Tarmac restoration imageTarmac restoration image

Tarmac restoration

Tarmac is one of those surfaces that is easy to lay but very quick to degrade and deteriorate. Driveway Cleaning Oxfordshire have worked on the restoration and repair of many tarmac surfaces, both residential and commercial over the years.

With the advances in tarmac coating technology, we are now very confident the results of our tarmac restoration process are better than ever. This negates the need to dig up and replace a tarmac surface, which may have been the only option for many customers previously

Tarmac restoration has considerable advantages:-

  • No need to dig up an existing tarmac surface
  • Put back any colouring that may have faded over time
  • Replacement of protective resins
  • Very quick to apply and fast drying times
  • Helps to keep the surface of the tarmac intact

See some pictires of tarmac restoration on our image gallery.

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